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Can a sister live?

It’s a fact: Everything good in this world causes cancer.

Today, my boy told me that soy milk is a carcinogen. My response: “everything is a carcinogen.” Still, it pissed me off a little because I hate real milk. Hell, I had some vanilla soy milk in my chai tea last night and it was yummsters! I have to look further into this soy milk – cancer link. For now, let me share with you two more things which will have you signing up for cancer walk-a-thons this year.

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I’m all tingly inside!

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in FOREVER

My white-haired boo Roy and my Boo-In-Chief Barack!

Tuesday morning, Obama stopped by Basketball Heaven, aka UNC Chapel Hill, to shoot some hoops. The NYT has the haps.

I swear, if I wasn’t already voting for Obama I’d sure as hell do it now. Hillary ain’t rockin’ with the ‘Heels so I can’t rock with her. Then again, Bill Clinton tried to pull on my Carolina heartstrings years ago. I have a picture (sorry it’s not scanned) of Clinton holding a customized Carolina basketball jersey with his name on the back. It hangs in the halls of the Dean E. Smith Center/Dean Dome. Eh, fugg it, he’s a loser.

Check the 4min of video footage at WRAL. At least we know Barack’s better at basketball than he is at BOWLING!

Obama even picked Carolina to win the tourney (see his bracket)! Granted, we all know what tragedy that turned out to be, but he knows what’s up. I think there’s an Obama-Edwards ticket in the future. In case you didn’t know, John Edwards is a Carolina alum.

For all those questioning Barack’s “blackness” tell me, what’s blacker than basketball AND giving dap?

Danny Green and Barack Obama

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yadda yadda yadda

And now for some random rambling…

I burned my hand. Typing this is frustrating because my usual lightening-quick QWERTY dexterity has been reduced to that of your average DMV employee. I was taking some broccoli & cheese soup out of the microwave and somehow the damn soup jumped out of the bowl and onto my left hand. I was stunned but luckily standing near the sink. Ran cold water over it, threw on some ointment and wrapped it up. It still smarts (does anyone even say that anymore?). This incident only reminded me how I rank death by fire at the top of my Worst Ways To Die list.

What’s up with people who didn’t go to college hating on those who did go? On the train today, I overheard two guys talking about how college ain’t shit. Now, I understand and agree that a degree isn’t the only key to success. Many people do more than well by skipping college. If you don’t want to or if you don’t need to that’s okay. But if you’re making a point to hate on those who DO go… well you’re just bitter and jealous. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this crap, either. Certainly, we don’t want this to be the message we put out to our kids is it? Not going to college in this day and age and STILL being a success (a fluid concept, true, but work with me here) is the exception, not the rule.

I saw a little boy today who had blonde hair. He was Black as far as I could tell with hair as sandy and towheaded as Heather Locklear. All I could think of was R. Kelly and, later, Sisqo. This poor boy, who couldn’t have been more than 10 years old, will probably go through life with people thinking that he is trying to emulate one of those clowns. Or, that he’s gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I found myself thinking, “will he dye his hair brown or black?” Oh, and he was wearing long corn-rows too. Damn.

I just watched the episode of The Practice where Eugene becomes a Superior Ct judge and I almost teared up. Just almost. I love Eugene. I miss that show.

Porn for women is stupid. Supposedly it focuses on the parts of sex that interest women: foreplay, the lead-up to sex, kissing, emotions… Spare me. If that’s the case, you ought not watch porn. Maybe I’m just vulgar or something. I just don’t believe I would take interest in watching these people gaze into each others’ eyes, make out for 10 minutes, light candles, massage each other, and THEN get to what I imagine is pretty boring sex. Now, I understand the desire to offer something different than the normal stuff you get out there. Some of that porn is just too hard to watch. Why would I or anyone want to watch a movie where the woman is obviously in pain? If inflicting pain is your goal when sexing a woman, you have issues. I don’t want to watch that. I also do not want to see the extreme opposite – Womancentric pornography.

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Weekly Someecards Post – #2


If you’re not laughing at and sending off e-cards from, well you’re not as cool as you thought you were. Here’s where I post a card from the site. I do it because I enjoy them and you should too.


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Miss Rap Supreme, Ep 3

For this week’s episode, the missladyrappers must get in touch with their inner male swaggers.

After last week’s challenge, where Chiba’s team didn’t follow through with the choreography two-step she set out, there’s beef in the air. Byata’s not feeling her anymore, notwithstanding the kiss they shared on the first Ep.

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“Skip the Moet let’s chill with some Alize”

This is why I love remixes. 

  1. At 1:31, we never would’ve guessed he’d be leaking sex tapes.
  2. Would you be mad if we brought the styles back from this video?

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Racism & Healthcare

I came across this article and found it interesting. I had heard about this before in college, only briefly. This kind of thing is what I point to when people say racism is no longer an issue. Race enters into the equation where people least expect it. We need to be more vigilant in scoping out how racism emerges since we are no longer dealing with the in-your-face, cross-burning, Jim Crow racism of yesteryear. This is the new racism and, as you can see, it is costing us. 

Race and the white coat: Racial bias in doctors and healthcare workers is doing great harm. Is enough being done to stop it? 

By Rahul K. Parikh, M.D.


Apr. 22, 2008 | Here’s something the medical community has known for a long time: Minorities in this country, particularly African-Americans, are not as healthy as whites. They suffer from high rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, cancer, asthma and other chronic illnesses.

There are many reasons for the disparities. Blacks have less access to healthcare. Many lack health insurance altogether. A study in the New England Journal of Medicineshowed that black communities have fewer primary care doctors, and that those doctors reported a harder time getting their patients quality services due to insurance restrictions.

When minorities get sick, they’re likely to show up in an emergency room because they don’t have anywhere else to go. When they get there, they’re usually sicker because of the delay in seeking care. As the New England Journal study showed, minorities are more likely to get a doctor who isn’t board certified and is of lower quality.

In 2002, the Institute of Medicine issued a sobering report about health disparities in America. In that report, the IOM challenged assumptions by asking one very hard question: Do doctors treat minority patients differently? Its answer, after reviewing more than 100 studies, was yes, “evidence suggests that bias, prejudice and stereotyping on the part of health care providers may contribute to differences in care.”

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On: The Sean Bell Verdict

I’m not going to say much on this subject because it is playing out in the media and in blogs all over the place. I am sure you have already made up your mind about it, one way or another.

From the gut, the verdict is appalling and shockingly unfair. Just based on common sense alone, it is baffling to me how one could justify shooting an unarmed man 50 times. Even if one was in fear of their own life, it is beyond excessive to shoot that much and reload you weapon to continue shooting. Logically, it just does not add up.

However, after feeling what I feel at the core, I also must think. Recently, my thinking has changed and is colored by the legal training I have received thus far. When I first heard the verdict I had two thoughts: (1) Damn, that’s fucked up yo. (2) Damn, those defense attorneys had a banging ass case. I wonder what their theory was.

There are a couple things that probably contributed to the acquittals.

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This can’t be life…

This morning I’m in North Carolina visiting friends and taking a break now that classes are over. I woke up, turned on the television and saw THIS:

Hansbrough Returning For Senior Season

Bittersweet. Bitter because we’re losing the best point guard in the country along with Young Weezy (Wayne Ellington) a talented addition to Carolina’s roster. Sweet, however, because Tyler loves Carolina and understands that staying is best for him AND for my sanity. The article, from, is available after the jump. please send your condolences to a diehard Carolina fan!

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Bourgie’s Lessons in Etiquette

ON: Picnics, Parties and Cookouts/BBQs

Listen up. If you’re invited to a picnic or party and you are asked to bring something, please do. Also, remember it is important to bring something that is in proportion to what you intend to gain from the event. For example, don’t show up to a huge cookout with a single solitary six-pack of beer when you’ll probably guzzle 12 AND eat! 

Another important lesson about picnics, parties and cookouts is that once you do bring something, you gotta leave it. YOU HAVE TO. No, it doesn’t matter if you brought a bag of chips and it never got opened. That shit goes to the house. You leave it there for the person who threw the get-together in the first place. More than likely, they’ll have so many leftovers that they’ll be forced to have another, albeit smaller, function to which you’ll be invited (if you follow my rules). 

I used to date a guy who was notorious for leaving with shit he brought to the party. Hell, he’d even leave with shit he DIDN’T bring. So embarrassing. 

Finally, if you arrive to one of these functions early, you have silently assented to helping with the set-up. Go get ice. Move chairs. Put out napkins. Something. 

Now, go forth in the world and be proper.

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