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Bourgie goes to dinner…

Today, Bourgie had to attend a Student Leadership Dinner on campus…

The dinner was alright. The best part was one of the waiters who was super hype. I think I did a bit too much to encourage him, however, because he kept coming by the table and being real… um, extra. Nevermind all that, though. They had chocolate covered strawberries at the table, fam. Chocolate covered strawberries. Now usually, I’m a strawberry snob. I prefer them in season, sweet and plump. Well these were those! Now while I might sound a bit too excited over some strawberries, you have to understand that they were the highlight and most interesting thing at the whole function. The “program” consisted of the University’s President introducing all the Trustees who were there.

I could be making it all sound worse than it was. It was very nice meeting the Senior Architecture major who is president of the school’s spirit team. You know, a bunch of students who get extra excited over the school’s athletics and go to EVERY game in their matching t-shirts. He was nice.

Then there was the young biology major who ran the Biology Society. Only thing about her was she had one of those noses that moved downward as she talked. Kind of like Marsha from Floetry (if you’ve noticed that. For me, it’s what I MOST notice about her).

The rest of the table had other students from my school so we were familiar.

All in all, it was another opportunity to put a napkin in my lap and partake of a free, catered and served meal while doing one of my favorite things ever – talking.

I was right about one thing though

There was NO liquor. Undergrad events are DRY!

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