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Bourgie Uninvited?

Bourgie finds out she’s not on the guest list. Could this be?! …

I was JUST complaining about how many dinners and receptions I have to go to. (I’m a total VIP, but this stuff is exhausting!)

While at a dinner for Student Leaders on Wednesday, there was talk about a reception in honor of the Dean’s retirement the next day. Apparently they all knew about it and were asking if I was going. To tell the truth, I had no idea what they were talking about. I was a bit embarrassed about that, not being in the know and all. Not that I really wanted to go. But for everyone else to be invited et pas moi? Crazy. I didn’t say anything about it at the dinner though. I wanted to get home and double check to make sure I hadn’t missed the invitation somewhere. I got home. I hadn’t missed a thing. There was no invitation. :(

So what did Bourgie do? She emailed the Dean of Student Affairs and, tactfully of course, inquired as to why her invite was M.I.A. Well, as was expected, Bourgie was invited. Must have been a mistake, because the invitations were handled by an outside party who doesn’t usually do them. So 4 hours before the event, I learn that I am indeed invited and that the Dean of Student Affairs took the liberty of RSVPing for me. Great. Just Great. I didn’t even really want to go! But… in my need to be included and on the guest list, I just HAD to send that email. *smacks self in the head*

I went, it was alright. I might have just been better off not saying anything at all.

I did, however, get to wear my new suit (BONUS!). Styling on them the entire time. :)

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Bourgie gets a hangover …

Bourgie goes out for the usual Thursday night romp and overindulges…

Thursday night is usually the night when my friends and I go out looking for alcohol, good music and beautiful people in Philadelphia. We usually end up with two out of three.

Something inside of me told me not to go out. I had a presentation Friday morning and still needed to go over what I was going to say. However, Thursday night was one of the first really beautiful nights, as far as the weather goes, in a very long time. I had to take advantage of it, right? So off I went.

Started out at Bamboo with the Stoli open bar. Had two drinks there. Next, ran into a friend who drove us over to Rittenhouse. Meanwhile, we drank HENNESSY straight from the bottle. It is at this point that I’d like to mention that I hadn’t eaten a thing after some hors d’oeuvres at a 5pm reception (which I kind of crashed, anyway).

Our original plan was to go to Byblos, which is usually pretty hot on a Thurs. night. But upon arrival, we noticed that neighboring Vango had a line halfway down the street. Usually, Vango is filled with Euro-Trash and bangs with house music all night. AKA Vango sucks balls. But this time it looked like something cool might actually be happening there. Luckily, my girl is a supporter of the Fraternal Order of Bouncers & Club Doormen (she just knows everyone) so we had a good feeling we could skip the line. Sure enough, the owner of the joint is out front, sees my girl and is like “everyone has to wait in line… except you of course.” In we go.

Place is packed. PACKED. So my girl uses her FOBCD card to get us into “VIP.” Now, while this may sound utterly un-bourgie of me, I typically hate VIP. It’s always full of assholes who just want to be seen. The fun is with the “common folk” downstairs, ya know? On this particular occasion though, VIP was just where I needed to be to get away from the crowd downstairs AND to get access to the rooftop patio on such a great night. Strangely, VIP was overpopulated by Asian men and women in costumes. Favorite costume? Yup, schoolgirl. SMH

While there, I put back an extra dirty martini and then think “self, you should drink some water.” Unfortunately, that was too little, too late.

To make a long story short, I ended up looking for a cab in Center City at 4am. Had to be up at 7 to get ready and head to school for my presentation. I felt soooooo crappy. As I type this, I still don’t feel 100%. That’s the problem with the All Day Hangover. It’s true to its name. I could barely stand up today so I called into work (which means I sent an email saying I wasn’t coming in). They hate me there, I’m sure. Feeling is mutual, though, so no biggie.

I’ve been laying around all day. No energy. Well, I mustered up some energy to run over to Five Guys with my boy Drew. Nothing is better for an All Day Hangover than a cheeseburger and fries.

So, what have I learned? Well, I learned that I make poor decisions sometimes. I learned that one should not take Henn to the head in unmeasurable amounts after downing unmeasurable amounts of vodka. I learned (for the 800th time) that I ought to eat before boozing. I learned that recovering from Thursday night means Saturday morning in the gym. Finally, I learned that it’s hella hard to catch a cab at 4am in Philadelphia.

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