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Hey readers, today is Blog for Fair Pay Day! Meaning people all over are blogging about this important issue. Some facts, briefly:

  • Women in the United States are still paid only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men;
  • African-American women earn only 63 cents; and
  • Latinas earn only 52 cents for every dollar paid to white men.
  • Women at law firms are making up to $90,000 LESS than their male counterparts. (While $90,000 is a nice salary, it’s bullshit when an equally qualified man doing the same exact job as you is making $180,000!)

Outraged? Want to do something? Contact your Senators and urge them to vote yes on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. (Formerly the Fair Pay Restoration Act). 

We’re expecting a vote in the Senate on this bill as early as next week. If you want to EMAIL your senator DIRECTLY, go to: http://action.nwlc.org/fairpayaction

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