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Who do you love?

Are you for sure?

Two things I’d like to say about this:

1. WHY at 1:50 does he pour Hershey’s syrup on her leg while she’s sitting on a car? He’s a bit heavy-handed there. Is he gonna lick that all up? Isn’t it running into her socks? That sure is a lot of chocolate to lick up. What is he doing carrying a full sized bottle of chocolate syrup outside for? 

2. The song itself brings back memories of good times and being young. But the end, where the main chick jumps into the pool fully clothed… that reminds me of the best times. I can’t tell you how many times in college I’ve jumped into pools dressed from head to toe. Shout out to Granville Towers!


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Knock it off?

Dear Mr. Madden,

If you’re going to go so far as to create a designer knock-off, PLEASE copy something good! If you’re just going to do this:

Balenciaga\'s v. Steve Madden\'s shoe

On the original Balenciaga* shoe, these are being called the “Lego Shoes” or “Sportiletto.” Yes, I’m serious.

What’s the use? The shoe is said to have been inspired by snowboarders. More like a 4 year old.

Lego my shoe-o?

What the hell would I wear with these fucking shoes? WHERE would I be going? I’mma bad bitch but I don’t know if I could pull these off. I anticipate seeing Rhianna or Kelis rolling around in these in May. No, wait… Beyonce beat ’em to it… 

From the AMAs

On second thought, ” Bey” and the only “B” who can pull it off. Bourgie might need a pair, just to style on ’em.

*I am aware that these Balenciaga’s came out in 2007. However, in usual knock-off fashion, the Steve Madden version is just popping up.

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