Miss Rap Supreme, Ep 2

To begin with it’s Bye Bye Khia,

Damn. Serch says write a 16 bars. IMPROMPTU. Off the dome. ORIGINAL. This chick comes through with some shit she already recorded. Track 2 off of her album. Khia, boo, I understand how you’d think this could slip by the judges. I mean, not that many people have heard your album cuts outside of “My Neck, My Back.” But come on… the people at VH1 aren’t stupid. I will never forget you, girl. All RESPE due.

By this episode, I’m pretty sure Lady twist is a man. That’s all I gotta say about that.

So we get to the challenge… Seductive Raps in Lesbian Club. Grrrrreat!

Team Lionezz gets up there and D.A.B. has significant trouble riding the beat, despite what Nicky 2 States has to say.

Speaking of Nicky, she spits: “get it from behnd/take this cookie take my mind/freak my body freak my mind/fuck so good it should be a crime/oh my god, I’m so freaky/lick on me please touch me, eat me/oh shit now my panties wet/and I ain’t even get none yet/ain’t no sweat.” (lucky for you, I have DVR and could rewind to catch that crap)

Ms. Cherry forgets her lyrics TWICE. That’s an L.

Next, Team Byata is on deck. Rece breaks out of the “dance steps” that Cheba came up with, basically a two-step. Lame.

Byata pulls a Cherry and goes blank. That’s an L.

Team Byata won, so Lionezz’ team was up for elimination.

Then we get to the good part:

Nicky 2 States humps 69Cent, the male blowup doll! Please tell me you saw that!

In the end, D.A.B. failed to step up to the “16 Bars On What Turns You Off” challenge.

I’d like to make the observation that the grammar on this show is abhorrent. Still, looking forward to next week, yall.


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2 responses to “Miss Rap Supreme, Ep 2

  1. This show sounds like a multi-vehicle pileup in a drizzly blizzard.


  2. eigoob ceps

    of course Lady Twist is a man, that’s the twist. duh

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