Miss Rap Supreme, Ep 3

For this week’s episode, the missladyrappers must get in touch with their inner male swaggers.

After last week’s challenge, where Chiba’s team didn’t follow through with the choreography two-step she set out, there’s beef in the air. Byata’s not feeling her anymore, notwithstanding the kiss they shared on the first Ep.

The challenge today is to become a favorite male MC. Each contestant randomly chose a rapper to emulate: Byata/Kanye, Nicky2States/Andre 3000, Lionezz/Diddy, Lady Twist/Jay Z, Bree/Eazy E, Miss Cherry/2Pac, Chiba/Biggie, and Rece/LL Cool J. Miss Cherry did a good job as Pac. She drew all tats on herself. LOL. Nicky2States basically just dressed like a cotton candy clown and she got 3000 down. The two winners (Bree and Nicky2States) got to pick their teams for the elimination challenge.

Sidenote: It’s hilarious how they do the magic mirror type thing instead of the tired “Tyra Mail” format to send messages to the ladies.

Sidenote2: Rece looks hella better with her hair straightened (or wig, whatever that was).

Ok, carrying on… Byata and Chiba continue to go at it. Byata dreamed that Chiba was the devil. And, um, her dreams are no joke (says her). Then BOOM, switch scenes and Chiba talkin about Byata. Aaaaaaand… Chiba calls Byata a white devil in so many words. In case you didn’t know, the BIBLE says that white people are devils. Check it yo. Prolly in Leviticus. Yo, there’s no better way to stay on a reality show than to drum up some drama. 10plus points for bisexual female drama!!!

Appearance by Too Short (BEEITCH!). Ladies have to do a battle of the sexes with him, verse for verse. Nick2States’ team won and she ended up being the MVP of the battle.

Appearance by Ghostface who gives some sage advice: “It’s like yo, you better pray. But you know, nah, just have confidence, yanahmean because i know yall here for a purpose. and the purpose is to work hard. Youknowwhamean. Yall aimin’ for a goal, i guess, to see who could be the best MC huh? And that’s what it is tho. But uh, just work hard and and and have confidence.”

Up for elimination this week were Lionezz, Byata, Bree, and Miss Cherry. The ladies had to write a 16 on women ruling the world. Byata shows us how to deliver a contradiction with the line, “be dominant and be strong, sorta like if you had a dick.” Um, weren’t you supposed to be talking about women ruling the world? Why are you equating power with dicks? Nevermind.

This show ends where the last one left off… Lionezz had to step off AGAIN! Damn. Twice eliminated for being wack. She was so annoying.

Can’t wait til next week to see Byata and Chiba fuck fight some more!

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One response to “Miss Rap Supreme, Ep 3

  1. pea

    LOL @ ghostface’s advice.

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