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Can a sister live?

It’s a fact: Everything good in this world causes cancer.

Today, my boy told me that soy milk is a carcinogen. My response: “everything is a carcinogen.” Still, it pissed me off a little because I hate real milk. Hell, I had some vanilla soy milk in my chai tea last night and it was yummsters! I have to look further into this soy milk – cancer link. For now, let me share with you two more things which will have you signing up for cancer walk-a-thons this year.

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I’m all tingly inside!

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in FOREVER

My white-haired boo Roy and my Boo-In-Chief Barack!

Tuesday morning, Obama stopped by Basketball Heaven, aka UNC Chapel Hill, to shoot some hoops. The NYT has the haps.

I swear, if I wasn’t already voting for Obama I’d sure as hell do it now. Hillary ain’t rockin’ with the ‘Heels so I can’t rock with her. Then again, Bill Clinton tried to pull on my Carolina heartstrings years ago. I have a picture (sorry it’s not scanned) of Clinton holding a customized Carolina basketball jersey with his name on the back. It hangs in the halls of the Dean E. Smith Center/Dean Dome. Eh, fugg it, he’s a loser.

Check the 4min of video footage at WRAL. At least we know Barack’s better at basketball than he is at BOWLING!

Obama even picked Carolina to win the tourney (see his bracket)! Granted, we all know what tragedy that turned out to be, but he knows what’s up. I think there’s an Obama-Edwards ticket in the future. In case you didn’t know, John Edwards is a Carolina alum.

For all those questioning Barack’s “blackness” tell me, what’s blacker than basketball AND giving dap?

Danny Green and Barack Obama

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