About Hillary, Barack and this election business

It’s only May and I’m weary of this Campaign ’08 business. I couldn’t even come up with a good title for this entry. I was trying to avoid having to really write anything about this whole President of the United States debacle because, well, we’re being bombarded by opinions and commentary from every angle. So I don’t want to engage in any in-depth political analysis. I don’t want to quote Hillary or Barack. I don’t want to link to other sites and blogs who are discussing this in a much more analytical fashion. I just want to write what’s on my mind. I warn you, there is rambling ahead. 

To begin with, I am offended by this Democratic primary bullshit. I am offended that people want to tell me who I ought to vote for because I am Black or because I am a woman. To even suggest that my decision making capability rests solely on which identity I choose to put first (Black Woman, Woman who is Black) is ludicrous. I hate that. I hate women who try to shame me into voting for Hillary. I hate Black people who look down upon those who aren’t sporting the latest Obama pin. Honestly, why must it be that simple? We ought to be much more complex than that. Neither women as a class nor Black folks are homogenous.

I want to focus in on the women for Hillary piece for a minute. The whole thing makes me think of when I was an undergrad. I majored in African & African-American Studies and took a class called Black Women. I’ve also done my share of reading the usual Black feminist/womanist authors. Being armed with a certain amount of knowledge on the subject, I can see that shit hasn’t changed much. There has always been tension between white feminists and Black women. Their issues were not, and still are not, our issues. While white women were fighting to work outside the home, Black women had been working since, well since we got here on that free boat ride across the Atlantic. Black women wanted their white counterparts to understand the duality we were working with… Black & Female. We wanted them to understand that we had issues of racism to address as well as sexism and sometimes the racism seemed much heaver than the gender-based problems the white feminists wanted to tackle. I feel like those same conflicts are coming up again with this primary battle. Many black women would love to see a female president, but just as many would love to see a Black president. Even more true is the fact that Black women want a GOOD president who is qualified, ready, real, inspirational, intelligent, even-handed, concerned and who has a vision.

Some real racist shit has been said around this election. Not surprisingly, a lot of it is being said by so-called liberal white people. Tell you the truth, I hate most liberal white people because they act all on your side until you do some shit THEY didn’t think you ought to be doing. White privilege and entitlement is so real, yall. If people were talking that “racism doesn’t exist,” and “Black people are overly sensitive and paranoid,” bullshit, they can’t possibly think that now. then again… 

There are too many people, white people, who want to take this from Barack Obama. I say take it from him because it feels like the American people are being hustled right now. Politics sucks ass for this reason: Politicians think Americans are stupid. At some level, they are right. COLLECTIVE AMERICA is as dumb as a pile of rocks. COLLECTIVE AMERICA can’t seem to think individually without simply regurgitating the soundbites they were able to glean from the 11 O’clock news or from around the watercooler. Collective America can’t seem to understand when they’re being lied to. Politicians seize upon this weakness, exploit it to their benefit and continue building upon those lies when they get elected. Barack, as far as I can tell, isn’t disrespecting our intelligence. While he is a politician and must work within the political framework to get where he needs to be, he isn’t straight up lying to our faces and crossing his fingers behind his back. The Clinton campaign, on the other hand, is playing with a stacked deck. I don’t appreciate it. I’m offended.

I can’t stand how Hillary Clinton made race THE issue of this campaign. Now, it was always an issue because, let’s face it, Black people can’t do anything in this country without race being an issue. Obama, however, did not set out to run this campaign on racial issues. His materials all say Obama for America. Not Obama for Black folks. Not Obama for rich, educated people. Obama for America. Everything positive that his campaign has accomplished has been diminished by the Clinton campaign and their supporters as some “it’s only because he’s black,” reasoning. Oh really? Once again, I don’t appreciate it and I am offended. I don’t see anyone saying Hillary only gets what she has gotten because she’s a woman or because she wears pantsuits.

The Clintons, instead of focusing on real issues, have pulled the oldest trick in the book on Collective America: The ol’ “Hey, what’s that?!” divert our attention while you switch the cards, trick. So now Collective America is concerned with Reverend Wright and what he has to say. C.A. is concerned with whether or not Michelle Obama is too outspoken. C.A. cares about whether Obama is elitist. There are people out there who have never used the word elitist in a sentence who are spewing it all over the factories, workshops and diner counters all of a sudden. Spare me. 

I can’t stand the Clintons right now. I think Hillary must be out of her fucking mind if she thinks she can Chaka Khan herself (I’m Every Woman) into the White House. What I mean by that is she can’t be serious if she thinks I will believe she sincerely identifies with mine workers in PA because she takes a shot of whiskey! She tells stories about how her dad took her out to shoot a gun and now the average NRA member should be all on her tit? Once again, she is embarrassing me and treating Collective America like a bunch of idiots. Scary part is, it seems to be working. 

Please tell me WHAT she has done in this campaign besides Obama-bash? Isn’t this what the Republicans did in 2000 and 2004? Didn’t they divert our attention from stuff like the economy and the war in Iraq to secondary issues (in my opinion) like gay marriage?

There are people out there who sincerely believe that it’s a white woman’s turn before a Black man’s. Well that’s always been the case, hasn’t it? Still, I don’t care whose “turn” it is. It’s a good candidate’s turn. I’ve heard people say that if Barack was white, Hillary would have already been forced to drop out of the race. The Democratic party, however, is showing themselves to REALLY be some donkeys (aka ASSES). John McCain has been able to chill out mostly because the Dems are eating themselves alive, causing all kinds of dissension and turmoil within the party. 

The most devastating result of the politics that are being played out right now is that all of the young voters/new voters who became inspired by the hope of both campaigns will become disillusioned. This truly is an amazing time in our nation’s history and I am glad to be alive for this. However, I believe that this moment in history is being tarnished by the same old politics and same old prejudices that have run this country since its inception. What will I tell my children? 

For the record, I am for Barack Obama. If he does not clinch the Demo nomination and Hillary is our candidate, I will vote for her, albeit BEGRUDGINGLY. I just couldn’t live with myself if McCain was elected but can’t help but think of the South Park episode where the kids are forced to choose between a Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich in their school mascot election. How apropos, yo.

I know this is terribly unstructured and not an accurate representation of my writing skills whatsoever. I just don’t care. Don’t judge me.


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  1. Word.

    And rambling blogs are the best kind, IMO.
    They come across as more organic and honest.

    Why am I still awake?
    I have to be at work in 7 hours.

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