I’m butter, don’t need grits!

What more could you want? Missy with fingerwaves, looking like she ready to paint a house. Timbaland in camouflage and lookin like an old fat lady. Aaliyah with the super swoop bang. Playa. Ginuwine aka Mr. BabyHurr Lumpkin. And to top it all off… MAGOO! Stupid rap names are an endless source of amusement. But Magoo? As in Mr. Magoo the short, blind, bald white dude who was always 2 seconds from hurting himself? COME ON FAM!



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2 responses to “I’m butter, don’t need grits!

  1. aych why aych

    im up in the cut, like gay niggas in butt

  2. ndenise

    @HYH: I heard that line again and was like *record scratch*

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