Here we go, here we go…

It’s so funny I heard this song pop up on my shuffle today. When I was younger and the song came out, well I liked it back then but didn’t pay much attention AT ALL to what Domino was saying. Listening to it now… this fool was nasty. The freakin song starts out with him waking up, smelling like he fucked, then realizing he had too much gin and juice and ended up in bed with some strange chick. He goes through his day and picks up another “hoodrat” off of Crenshaw and takes her home! But at least in the middle he drops a condom reference, so he’s good (sarcasmsarcasm). 

Peep dude’s haircut too… scandalous. 

Oh, and can’t forget Domino’s other “jams”, Sweet Potato Pie. Apparently ALL this negro does is get drunk and try to smash. Then there’s Physical Funk, mostly valuable for the parodies in the video and the additional references to safe sex. 

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