Reason #28,475 we should limit foreign adoptions:

Swiped from Carolina alum and blog sensation B. Scott of ‘Love, B. Scott’ (aw, I remember when he was just a freshman, eating in Lenoir Hall!). Yet another example of how white folks are bugging out in foreign countries like kids in a candy store. It’ll be just their luck that they’ll name the lil’ negro Dunk and play basketball about as well as Barack Obama bowls. 

Say What?! Spencer To Name Child ‘Dunk’

+ May 6, 2008

Spencer and Heidi at Kentucky Derby 2008Love muffins we have a picture here of Spencer and Heidi from MTV’s The Hills at the Kentucky Derby. I’m surprised they can be caught taking a picture without a foot in their mouth. Recently the two were on The Tyra Banks Show.

“I always wanted to name my child ‘Dunk’. We were probably going to do it if we adopt an african baby because he will probably end up being tall, so we’ll name him ‘Dunk’”. 

Let me take a pause to breath…take me higher lord! Some people think that adopting children overseas are a fad and the “hot” thing to do right now. If you are going to help them, then help them – do not adopt a child to gain status amongst celebrities. Jesus take the wheel before I mollywop these people. Thoughts?


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2 responses to “Reason #28,475 we should limit foreign adoptions:

  1. eigoob ceps

    1. I have nbo idea who those people are and have no desire to find out

    2. I’m naming my baby Urrforceone

    3. we shouldn’t limit foreign adoptions, just stupid ones. Agencies should consider GPA’s and not just income, but as long as cash is king any idiot can rule.

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