The Light.

All of this daylight is really messing with my internal schedule. In Philly (as it is in most this side of the word, I’m sure) it’s not getting dark until 8ish. Do you have any idea how this is wreaking havoc on my productivity? You would think that since there’s more light, I would get more done. No. With the sun being out until America’s Next Top Model comes on, I subconsciously think that there’s got to be a lot more day to go. There isn’t. So after I get home from school or work, I tend to sit down and watch television or read a gazillion blogs all the while thinking I still have plenty of time to do the other shit on my list (gym, study, laundry, run to the store). Next thing you know, it’s certifiably The Evening and some of that stuff just isn’t worth doing anymore. 

That’s it really. I just thought about it and realized I need to be doing something right now. Carry on. You still have about 40 minutes of time in which it is appropriate to wear sunglasses outdoors. Ooh, speaking of which, when I was out in NC a couple of weekends ago, there was this youngish dude who was hanging out with the crew. He’s kind of new around everyone so we had to haze him something serious. Anywhoo, as we were preparing to go out, he put on some sunglasses. I did a double take and asked him where the fuck did he think he was going, cuz I was pretty sure the sun had been down for hours and the spot we were going to didn’t feature any UV lights. His response: “These are my hater blockers.” And he was serious. Well, the laughter and jonin’ commenced and he was shamed into taking them glasses off. What kind of ghey bullshit lame asshole fad is THAT to rock ya sunglasses up in the club when it’s dark as hell and you’re trying to dance? Fam, you are not a celebrity. You are not Chiba from Miss Rap Supreme (who hides her eye behind shades because it was disfigured in a car accident). You are not Diddy. You are a fireman. No Weezy-O. 

I digress. 

I’ll wait for it to get dark. Then I’ll wash my hair (I’m still trying to decide on a new look. I’m in a hair rut).

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  1. I wear my sunglasses at night…

    That seems foolish, yo. LOL

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