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New York doesn’t care about Black People

No, I do not mean New York of Flavor of Love fame. I mean New York City, and more specifically, the New York Police Department. 

While it’s not very shocking or surprising (we tend to have severely low expectations of the NYPD), it is disgusting and saddening to hear stories like that of Ramona Moore. What’s also unsurprising is the lack of media coverage surrounding this issue. Had it not been for my regular blog-trolling, I certainly wouldn’t have gotten this information from my local (big city) news or even CNN. Check out the story below of this young Black woman who went missing and the NYPD ignored her mother’s plea for help. Ramona Moore was tortured and killed in a Brooklyn basement, spurring her mother into action. Elle Carmichael, her mother, is bringing a federal civil rights claim against the NYPD, alleging that the Department has a “practice of not making a prompt investigation of missing-persons claims of African-Americans, while making a prompt investigation for white individuals.” The story comes by way of the Village Voice:

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ArethaI just love this photo of Aretha, by the way. She looks like somebody just told her some ol’ side of the neck, crazy shit.

Growing up, there was this guy around town and I believe his name was Kareem. All I know is that everyone called him ‘Reem Love. Now ‘Reem Love had some kind of mental disability. He was a little slow or something. I dunno. He was always running around town by himself, so he couldn’t have been that bad off. I assume he was 3 or 4 years older than me. Anyway, the reason behind him being called ‘Reem Love is because all he did was holla at chicks. It’s like someone pulled him to the side one day, taking advantage of his disability, and told him that his purpose in life was to try to get a girl. Everyone from back home knows about ‘Reem Love and we’d try to avoid him at all costs. Well, unless you wanted a guaranteed laugh. It’s not right, but we were young! This cat would come up to you and ask if you had a man. He’d say you were fine and proceed to deliver his famous line. It never failed, “Tell your friends to get with my friends, and we can be friends.” HAHAHA. I wanna kill Diddy for feeding material to ‘Reem Love! He would pester you, follow you down the street. Just plain refuse to leave you alone UNLESS you shot back at him with the verbal version of kryptonite: “‘Reem, we can’t date. We cousins!” All you had to do was say you were his cousin and he’d back off instantly. “Oh, ok cuzzo. Word up.” I wonder what happened to that kid. Continue reading

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