Dress Barn

Honestly. Who shops there? WHO would purchase clothing from a BARN? Truly, I do not know what they sell in there nowadays. I haven’t set foot in the store in ages. The name itself, however, makes me think they specialize in Moo-Moos, big flowery shirts, embroidered sweaters and mom jeans. I cannot shop in the same place she shops:

Real Dress Barn Shopper

A place staffed by people like her:

Cathy, typical Dress Barn manager

Be sure that Cathy wears the clothes she sells. That’s why I won’t.

Not that I shop at fabulous, exclusive stores or anything. Still, I can’t shop at a BARN or barn-like places such as Marshalls and Ross. Well, that’s not true. I can stand those discount stores if I’m looking for luggage or purses and sometimes you find good shoes. Still, I can’t schlep through racks and racks of marked down merchandise looking for something that actually is in fashion AND fits. While the clearance rack is my best friend, bargain bin hunter, I ain’t. Digging around for clothes like a hobo.

There’s even a Dress Barn Woman. As if the original store didn’t carry enough cringe-worthy fashions, they needed another one with bigger sizes so the overweight could look shitty too.

Peep the dude sitting in the window of the store, behind the handicapped sign. He’s clearly waiting for his size 24 wife to finish picking out unflattering slacks and pastel sweaters.

Anyway, the Dress Barn sucks. I ranted about this a while ago, but the fire was re-ignited by a post over at OKP where the following query was posed:

Ladies, what happens if you get a letter at work that says (one of my lawyer friends said, some chick @ her job got a card in an envelope that had the following):

Your wardrobe is unprofessional.
Your hair is a mess.
and here’s a gift card for you to get some new stuff.

Detail I forget, the gift card was from Dress Barn.

FUCKING DRESS BARN? I’d be heated that someone would even insinuate that my wardrobe is so janky that I could use some help from the likes of DB! The Nerve!

After some thought, I have concluded that Hillary Clinton shops at DB. I’m pretty sure they have a wide selection of shitty flattering pantsuits.


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9 responses to “Dress Barn

  1. LOL

    If they switched to a more pleasing name, would you then buy your pantsuits from them?
    Being that you’ll prolly be running for president in 2036…

  2. ndenise

    First of all, I could never run for president. I wouldn’t even want the job.
    Secondly, my suits are way flyer. Come on.

  3. Rebecca Gold

    I work for Dress Barn and I love the clothes they offer. I love my job too. I work full time in an office, and part time at Dress Barn. I retired from Publix Supermarkets, Inc. They give good customer service and they are clean. Dress Barn is very much like Publix. I have a whole new wardrobe and it is very fashionable. The first time I went into DB was Nov 2007. I applied for a job that day I was so impressed and have worked there since then. Let’s be positive here! RGold

  4. Aw, that’s great RGold! Glad you love your job. It’s all fun.

  5. Najwa

    Hey I work for dressbarn also since July 2006 and I love their clothes. It is very stylish hip and up to date!
    I dont know what your talking about and your telling me you wont shop at a place because of its name? wow that made me lol anyways I just had to say that because I even see teenagers buy things from there and about their suits….they even carry name brand suits by tahari, kasper, larry lavine, liz clayborne, jones new york, etc etc . IDK

  6. Rhonda

    That sales rep at Dressbarn is typical of that worn-out haggard look they all have. Really douche baggy women. Dirty fingernails, dirty toenails, and cracked heels on their feet when they wear sandals and their dirty toes show. They are really quite stupid at Dress barn. Moo-Moo. Cows are better looking than the women who work there and their hair!!! Yikes! This poor woman needs a cut and style-won’t get it done on what Dressbarn (moo-moo) pays that’s for sure! Lousy Dressbarn, lousy people, lousy management. Go to Ann Taylor for some class. Dressbarn clothes are ugly and who wears lined suits anymore anyway?

    • Miss Tooty

      Well, obviously you have not kept up on the apparel industry. Dress Barn is the 3rd largest apparel industry in the United States. They also own Maurices and newly aquired Justice (aka Limited Too).

      No longer the embroidered clothing you mother wore, but very fashionable and updated. If you shop at Steinmart, Macy’s or Dillard’s you will find the same fashions and a much more reasonable price. We now carry Calvin Klein and Jones. These lines are made just for our stores and top designers have there hand in it.

      You surely are missing the boat on not stepping in and getting more bang for your buck and great looking cloths.

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