A “Michelle Moment”

I just felt like having a Michelle Moment after reading about how these Tennessee Republicans are throwing shade her way. There are a lot of people out there who can’t stand Michelle. They think she’s overbearing and too outspoken. She’s not patriotic enough. Some say she’s not cute (like that even matters). 

Well, I say that she’s a fabulous wife, mother, attorney and supporter. So let’s say this Michelle Moment is crafted to send positive energy over to the woman who must be exhausted and stressed and overwhelmed. Let’s not forget about the woman beside the man. You go ‘Chelly!!

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One response to “A “Michelle Moment”

  1. Hard-working, self-made woman.
    Nuclear family.
    Two happy children.

    Everything you want a president and first lady to be… except they Black, so a reason to not like them has to be found.


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