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Miss Rap Supreme, Ep. 5

Miss Rap Supreme

After a week off, the show is back and so am I. Last lady booted off was Lady Twist. Back to the Chi’ for her.

This week, there’s more Byata v. Chiba drama and the femcees make a music video!

Lawry’s all in the crib when Byata survives the final two. So in retaliation, Chiba tells everybody that Byata been runnin her mouth callin Rece fat, Nicky2States is a wack name and Cherry stuck up. Unfortunately, nobody believes her ass. Side note, Rece looks fabulous with a blowout. Yeah girl! Side note #2, Byata got the ill talking-while-my-cigarette-is-in-my-mouth game.

Nice tender moment with Bree on the phone with her mom. This makes me think that VH1 has done it again with the foreshadowing. Bree getting the boot? Continue reading

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High School.


So this morning, I woke up and turned on the television. It was already tuned to the Lifetime Movie Network. I can’t, for the life of me, remember what I was watching last night before turning the TV off. I hardly ever watch LMN. Why? Well I hate the cliched and tired stories of the woman spurned or crazy chick who goes off and ethers everyone around her. Spare me. Something GOOD must have been on last night.

Anyhow, Death of A Cheerleader was on.

Death of a Cheerleader

Typical LMN drama starring Tori Spelling (hopelessly unattractive and unbelievable as a high school student) and Kellie Martin (LMN regular). The story is about a plain jane nerdy chick at a new school who is trying to fit into the cool crowd, which happens to be a bunch of blonde “mean girls” who get off and making everyone else feel like shit. When the queen bee (Spelling) dismisses her ass, plain jane goes wild and stabs her in the back… literally. All because she felt her life would be over if she wasn’t accepted into the crowd. All because she was afraid of being the outcast at school.

I thought to myself, why the hell does she even care so much? Tori Spelling’s character was a stone cold asswipe AND ugly, to boot! Like, why do they make high school seem SO terrible on television? For a minute I thought this must be one of those white people things that I just don’t understand (like clapping on the 1 and 3 instead of the 2 and 4). But I reeled myself in and figured it had to be more than that. What? I don’t really know. Continue reading


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Happy Birthday Malcolm X

Today would have been Malcolm X’s 83rd birthday. I’d like to think that at 83, he would still be the firey, inspirational, outspoken and dedicated man he was before being taken away so violently. I won’t write much. I’m not much of a “R.I.P.”-wishing type of person. I’ll just say reflect on the life of Malcolm X, outside of Black History Month, and reflect on your OWN contributions (or lack thereof) to your community, your convictions and your beliefs. 


He is/was so fine. Ow!!!


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