Miss Rap Supreme, Ep. 5

Miss Rap Supreme

After a week off, the show is back and so am I. Last lady booted off was Lady Twist. Back to the Chi’ for her.

This week, there’s more Byata v. Chiba drama and the femcees make a music video!

Lawry’s all in the crib when Byata survives the final two. So in retaliation, Chiba tells everybody that Byata been runnin her mouth callin Rece fat, Nicky2States is a wack name and Cherry stuck up. Unfortunately, nobody believes her ass. Side note, Rece looks fabulous with a blowout. Yeah girl! Side note #2, Byata got the ill talking-while-my-cigarette-is-in-my-mouth game.

Nice tender moment with Bree on the phone with her mom. This makes me think that VH1 has done it again with the foreshadowing. Bree getting the boot?

This ep featured the “Thar She Blows” challenge with team members being chosen blindly as opposed to the usual popularity contest. Thankfully, Team Byata avoids Chiba and gets Nicky and Rece. The remaining ladies go to team Cherry. Each team gets to make a music video and they have 2 hours to come up with the concept, the rhymes, everything. Of course there’s always a twist: while both teams get a director and a track, both teams do not have access to the same props for their video. Some get good shit, others get wack shit.

New beef: Ms. Cherry v. her team (Chiba & Bree). Look, everybody here thinks they’re the queen bee. These chicks can’t work together as a team for nothing. Cherry being a diva. She rather be on some solo shit. Well, duh. But today you gotta get your group on. Team Byata didn’t fare much better, because they had trouble reigning in Nicky2States. This chick just can’t be stopped from dropping her pants, humping the extras and yelling at her teammates.

In walks this weeks guest “star” … SOULJA BOY!!! LOL YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL! He helped the ladies with some video direction. I guess he’s finally putting all that youtubery to work. Really tho? I know he is the most downloaded in history, but I’m not letting no 16 year old tell ME about anything. Especially how to make a hit video.

So the videos came out. Team Cherry took the funny plot route. Team Byata went with comedy as well. In my opinion, they had a better overall team flow, but Team Cherry’s video was more polished. Winner: Team Byata! MVP: Nicky2States!

Cherry, Chiba and Bree are up for elimination. To prove themselves worthy to stay, the ladies had an hour to write a 16 about glamour and it had to be in story form. Chiba hit with the nice flow, but Bree stepped up and kicked some machine gun shit that I thought was going to prove my prediction wrong… until she stuttered and lost her concentration. In the end, it’s Bree. DAMN! Am I psychic (or is VH1 shitty at keeping a secret?)?

Say bye-bye to the lil’ lesbian boxer and her bandana-knit hat combos.

Bree's headgear

Sidenote: why is it that people from the west coast be dressin like it’s winter all the time out there? My cuzzo in Cali stays rockin’ a big ass hoodie, scully, and thermals. Negro… you live in the desert!

See ya next week. Final 5!

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