90210 (Minus the sideburns).

I don’t know why they’re doing this to me.

Original Recipe

When I was younger, I loved Beverly Hills 90210. I don’t just say that. I really loved it. I had pajamas with Dylan and Brandon on ’em. Little black girl with no ties WHATSOEVER to anything those fools on 90210 were talking about, but hooked nonetheless. Well, until they sent Brenda away and shit got crazy.

Anyhow, 90210 is back. Yes, BACK this fall on the CW. LOL worthy in and of itself. This revamped show is being billed as “cooler, sexier, more provacative.” Um, don’t we already have a revamped BH90210? It’s called The Hills/The O.C./Gossip Girl.

Well, there’s ONE positive: Tristan Wilds from The Wire is the token Black guy on the show. I l ♥ him. However, they better not make him spew a bunch of trite and cliche “black talk.” I’m looking forward to the fish out of water, it’s a black thing you wouldn’t understand and interracial mishap storylines. Get this folks: his character Dixon is only in BH because he was adopted by do-gooder rich white folks. Guess they didn’t see the need to go all the way to Ethiopia for a kid.

Check the teaser:


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3 responses to “90210 (Minus the sideburns).

  1. IhsanAmin on his phone.

    I peeped this on aintitcool.com yesterday.
    “Nothing new under the sun” is live and in effect.


    I hope the Black bul turns 2 White jawns out with his primal jungle thug luvin’.


  2. Sha

    I’ll watch because of tristan alone…shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddd

  3. Sha

    also lori and the older lady from arrested development…so i’ll watch..

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