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Real World H’Wood: A rant

So I hadn’t planned on writing about the RW since I already write about one reality show (Miss Rap Supreme). One can only take so much. But I HAD to say something about this crap going on at the RW Hollywood house. These people are crazy and full of contradictions. I know, what should I expect?

There’s so much to be said about the ENTIRE season thus far, but I don’t have time for that. I just need to talk about last night’s episode. I just watched it via DVR and I’m buggin. If you don’t watch the show, what I am about to say will mean absolutely nothing.

So the roomies all hate Greg “the Chosen One”, right. Well, I tend to like the rabble-rousers and trouble makers on the RW. They keep it interesting. Without Greg, we’d just hear Sarah and Kim whine about Brianna. Ew. Greg can be annoying, but I think he had a few points on his side this episode (even though the whole thing was crafted to make him look like an asshole).

First of all… the girls in the house are seriously on some runteldat shit. So what if Greg brings home girl A on Monday and Girl B on Wednesday. If you don’t like it, don’t. But to go run and tell girl B about girl A?? FOR WHAT? Hatin’ ass, cockblockin’ ass chicks. Then when Greg gets upset, they wildin at him talkin about he disrespects women. True, he does. But still… they’re treading on some hateful ass waters.

Secondly… the girls in the house, AND WILL, all conspire to hook up Reva (Greg’s “associate”) and Will. WTF? Wait a minute. last week, Kim and Sarah were all the moral majority in the house talkin about Bree and everybody else. Always up in arms over the “hoes” and trashy people coming in the house. They were just berating Greg about having two girls back to back in the crib. But NOW they want to facilitate Reva’s whorishness? Oh, it’s okay that Reva was with Greg and now she’s in the damn Confessional sucking Will’s dick because nobody likes Greg. How hypocritical is THAT? Sarah’s supposed to be all extra Christian and whatnot (her phonecalls with her parents make me want to vomit) but yet she’s okay with being involved with this.

Third… Reva gonna come out and straight up LIE to Greg. Saying that Will tried to push up on her and she didn’t do anything. She only said “I like Greg.” Get the FUCK outta here!!! Earth to everyone… you’re on television. MTV’s Real World means there are cameras and mics everywhere. We SEE you with your panties off. We SEE you kiss Will. And Will comes out and tells the other harpees in the house that you was givin him HEAD! So now she’s out there lying to Greg and he chooses to believe her. Will’s justification is that Greg is a liar and nobody likes him. Well ok… but in the words of Jay-Z, “you don’t get a nigga back like THAT!

Next week is going to be all kinds of trouble cuz Greg is heated (as he should be) at Will. Apparently somebody’s going to fight or at least come hella close to it.

Ok. Whew. I had to rant. No one is here right now and my usual RW buddy hasn’t seen this episode yet. If you can’t tell, I’m pissed. I hate getting so involved in reality television!!


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Always Coca-Cola, yeahhhhhhh.

I used to think this commercial was pretty cool. (1) Because that boy was sangin’! (2) Because I have a thing for smooth-skinned, dark-complexioned men in headphones. (3) Because I was young and my opinion didn’t count for much.

Today, I still think this commerical is pretty cool. (1) Because it’s a classic and brings back memories of a simpler time. (2) Because I have a thing for smooth-skinned, dark-complexioned men in headphones. (3) Because I’ve taken my share of public transportation, leading me to think: “Nigga sitcho ass down and quit bringin’ all that damn noise on this fuckin’ bus!” And I like saying that. LOL.

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