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When it rains, it pours: A Car Story (v. 1)

I can't stand the rain

The rain:

My car hates me and decided to come apart on I-95 South yesterday. See pics below.

Short story: I’m driving in the left lane, about 30 min outside of my final destination (eerily, I could have been a character waiting to meet her end in that damned movie). Out of nowhere, I hear this loud boom and my car swerves a little. I look in the rear-view mirror and I can see the motorcycle driver behind me looking all funny and moving over a few lanes. I also see that something has flown OFF of my vehicle. Okay. Ok. So I cross four lanes of traffic to get to the shoulder while maintaining control of the car and wondering what the hell just happened. When I get to the shoulder, I look in my right side mirror and can see something protruding off of my car. I can’t tell what it is at this point, though. Not too long after I stop, a Maryland Highway Maintenance guy pulls up behind me. He gets out his car and stands outside of mine. However, I don’t get out because I’m really just in shock. I’m bugging and calling my boy to come get me. When I finally get off of the phone, I get out and I cannot believe what the fuck I am seeing. My first thought is OH SHIT! THE ENTIRE REAR OF MY CAR HAS FALLEN OFF! Actually, my rear bumper had come unsecured on one side and was hanging off on the other. Kind of like a fingernail you haven’t quite cut/bitten off yet. Continue reading


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