“I’m crooked like the ‘I’ on the toxic malt liquor…”

Crooked I

Peace to Thembi for reminding me about these St. Ides Commercials.

I remember when St. Ides first came out. I was a young girl growing up too fast in NY. St. Ides seemed like that hotness because all the rappers were talking about it. It was like a jazzier forty-ounce for young folks. Those “Special Brews” seemed especially inviting because of the different flavors. Basically, I’ve had a couple. That was oh so many years ago. I hate malt liquor now. Mostly I’m just principally set against it because of the type of advertising that accompanies the beverages. It’s so lopsidedly targeted to people of color and contains a ridiculously high amount of alcohol (8.0-8.2% alcohol by volume,) for the price (around $2). It’s the dollar menu of beer liquor. Ew.

Anywhoo, let’s reflect on some “Crooked I” advertising.

Ice Cube

Notorious B.I.G.


Snoop & 2Pac

DJ Pooh


Geto Boys & Cube


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2 responses to ““I’m crooked like the ‘I’ on the toxic malt liquor…”

  1. 8/25/8

    i see somebody pretending to be way Hip-Hop with Roots quotes

    you not bruised up under your eye and on your neck in this pic are you? i hope not

  2. ndenise

    1. lol @ pretending. hush.
    2. and no, now I gotta remove that pic if I’m lookin all hurt up. I guess that’s just too much partying and bad lighting. *shrug*
    I think the pic would be evidence instead of chilling in my profile.

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