Breaking the 4th Wall (kinda)

Just Do It.

Dear Reader:

If you don’t blog or aren’t familiar, you may not know that WordPress is nice enough to let me check my Blog Stats. I can see how popular certain posts are. I can see how people get to my blog (clicking a link on OKP, a link from someone else’s blogroll, from their email). What I cannot see, however, is your specific information (who you are, when you clicked, which posts you read). I don’t really want to be up in your business like that, so it’s good that way.

My point is, I know you’re here and while I appreciate it, I’d like to get your feedback and comments. This is how I’m going to know if I’m completely nuts and terribly boring or totally relevant and just plain awesome. Sometimes I put a lot of energy into what I’m typing and it’d be nice to know you didn’t just peek your head in and slam the door, but stayed a while, had a beverage and engaged in a little conversation. I know you know better. This is kind of like the time ?uesto demanded kudos on his MySpace blog. At least I am asking nicely.

By the way, the phrase “breaking the fourth wall” usually refers to an actor recognizing the audience and/or things outside of the context of the play/movie/television show. Comic strip characters have also been known to break the wall. Originating with Greek plays, I believe, the concept is that when on stage with an “indoor” set, there are three walls on the stage and the front of the stage, where the audience looks in, is where the fourth wall would be. When an actor acknowledges the audience’s presence (like when Martin deadpans to the camera), that’s breaking the wall. Me speaking directly to you, the blog audience is a stretch, but I just like the phrase. Sue me.

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  1. We don’t need no umbilical cord, Tommy! This is TV!

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