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The Pill.

The Pill

Author/Historian Elaine Tyler May is writing a book about the history and impact of the birth control pill. To that end, she is requesting stories from both men and women about their experiences with The Pill. I found the query interesting and figured I’d respond and include an excerpt of my reply here in this space. I encourage you all to submit your own answers to the questions. Hey, if she uses your response, you get a discount when the book comes out!

The Pill is often considered one of the most important innovations of the twentieth century. As I investigate this claim for a new book—set for release on the 50th anniversary of the Pill’s FDA approval (Basic Books, 2010)—I’m looking to include the voices and stories of real people. I hope yours will be one of them. I’m eager to hear from men as well as women, of all ages and backgrounds.

Have you or any of your partners taken the Pill? Why or why not? How did it work for you—physically, emotionally, and ethically? How has it compared with other contraceptive methods you or your partners have used? Continue reading


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High School Confidential – II

Continuing to post entries from my high school journal entries from 10 years ago. See the previous post for some background/insight. High School Confidential – I

Dec. 6: Right now I’m mad at Rick. A couple of days ago, he told me that he was staying at Rob’s house and was smokin + stuff. anyway, Jessica, the Puerto Rican girl was there and Rick woke up with hickies on his neck. Anyways, I didn’t believe him at first, but then I did because he kept up his story and really made me believe him, and since I trust him I thought he was telling the truth. I got all mad and everything and we had a discussion. He asked me if I didn’t believe him and I said that he’s never lied to me as far as I know so I believe him when he told me he didn’t do anything. Anyways, it all blew over and tonight he tells me it was all a joke or a “test” as he says. He said he’s been getting attached and wanted to make sure I trusted him.

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