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Oh you modelin’ ma? – Canvas Soup

Canvas Soup

I spent my Sunday afternoon getting made up, coiffed and photographed. A friend of mine is getting her side hustle on, selling lace wigs. You know, the kind Beyonce and ‘nem wear. Apparently, they’re all the rage and are the wig of choice for women who like that kind of thing and have a little money to spare for quality. My girl asked me to model some wigs for her and told me she had set up the shoot with Canvas Soup.

I now Canvas Soup! Canvas Soup is a collaborative effort between photographer Joshua Black (Black Eyed Soup) and makeup artist Bridget Cunningham (Canvas Cosmetics). The space is comfortable and inviting. I met esthetician/makeup artist Kim there and she did me UP! Then, after getting my wig applied I headed upstairs to the photo studio which is located in a bright, spacious loft space. Joshua was great at directing me and, as you can tell from my numerous self-portraits, I’m a ham for the camera.

It was SO much fun. I put to use all of my America’s Next Top Model lessons. Thanks Tyra!!

The really cool thing about Canvas Soup is that since they’re a one stop shop of sorts, they offer “parties” where you and a group can get hair and makeup done, then head upstairs to get professional photos taken. They’ll even have a caterer come in and provide lunch. How about some champagne while you get that foot soak and facial? I had an opportunity to check out some of Josh’s work and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how the pictures from today came out. When I get a peek, I’ll post them up here.

Until then, please take a look at Canvas Soup. You can also check out the write-up on CS in the Philadelphia Daily News. If you’re in Philly and want to pamper yourself (or your girl) give them a call. Located in Germantown and Black-owned, it’s a great new place run by a fabulous team.


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In there like swimwear

J, C and ME

It’s June. It’s pretty much summertime. To me, summer used to mean time off from school, day camp and summer league basketball games. Now, summer is about the days being longer, humidity fucking with my Dominican press, internships/clerkships, traveling out of town on the weekends and SWIMMING.

I love to swim. Pool. Beach. Lakes (well not so much nowadays). I like to immerse myself in the water and feel the cool liquid wash over my entire body. I like the quiet way I can cut through the water when swimming totally submerged. I like splashing in salty waves, getting knocked down and doing it all over again. Every year I look forward to handstands in the pool and pushing my friends in the water at Maurice’s pool parties.

The only problem with swimming is that, in most places, you can’t do it naked. You need a swimsuit. It has come to my attention that it is time for me to purchase new swimwear. KILL ME NOW! Continue reading


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No, not THAT one, THIS one by Salt-N-Pepa is the GOAT independent anthem.The white garter spandex shorts type deal is reason enough to love this clip.

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How independent are they?

  • Well there are women dancing in football uniforms,
  • Pep coming home from work in a suit and smoking on a cigar,
  • Salt polishing a gun in fatigues, Spin playing video games instead of getting freaky with her man,
  • Salt dates a couple of men in one night, taking the jewelry they offer.

I get it, but I don’t think that being an “independent woman” means acting like a man, ya know?

This was also around the time when Pepa was a lil’ bit on the chubby side. If you notice, she kept it covered pretty well during the late 80s/early 90s phase. It was Salt and Spin shaking it in spandex and cut off shirts while Pep languished in blousy fabrics. This was pre-“Shoop” and Treach, when she was cut and definitely built like a Megastructure.

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When Obama wins, …

…your jeans will always fit perfectly.

When Obama wins, Starbucks will stop referring to their smalls as “talls”.

What else will happen? Find out here.

Thanks Barry!!

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