No, not THAT one, THIS one by Salt-N-Pepa is the GOAT independent anthem.The white garter spandex shorts type deal is reason enough to love this clip.

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How independent are they?

  • Well there are women dancing in football uniforms,
  • Pep coming home from work in a suit and smoking on a cigar,
  • Salt polishing a gun in fatigues, Spin playing video games instead of getting freaky with her man,
  • Salt dates a couple of men in one night, taking the jewelry they offer.

I get it, but I don’t think that being an “independent woman” means acting like a man, ya know?

This was also around the time when Pepa was a lil’ bit on the chubby side. If you notice, she kept it covered pretty well during the late 80s/early 90s phase. It was Salt and Spin shaking it in spandex and cut off shirts while Pep languished in blousy fabrics. This was pre-“Shoop” and Treach, when she was cut and definitely built like a Megastructure.

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