The Mixtape About Nothing

I can’t really tell you why I like Wale. I just do. I shouldn’t have to tell you anyway. I’m really not in the business of reviewing music. Besides, you’re a grownup… you can make your own decisions about what’s good music and what’s shit music.

Enough about you, back to me and what I like. I like Wale. I like Seinfeld. (sidenote: if you don’t like Seinfeld, lock yourself in a garage with the car running, mmkay?)

I like that Wale has a mixtape that’s a nod to Seinfeld, the show about, um, nothing.

“I think I’ve seen every episode, like, 30 times,” Wale said when called him … Wale says he’s particularly partial to the show’s controversial 1997-98 swan song. “The last season is very underrated. A lot of Seinfeld fans be like, ‘Oh, the last season is so over-the-top.’ I’m like, it’s about reinventing!”


Mixtape About Nothing Cover

You can listen and download it at 10.Deep. Or not.


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3 responses to “The Mixtape About Nothing

  1. That Crazy is amazing .. i’d heard alot of the other songs before this but that was new to me .. he’s pretty awesome though hope he blows up

  2. largo, MD, stand up.

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