This is the one-word question usually posed to me as I wait to get serviced at the local nail salon. I’ll be sitting there, waiting to get my eyebrows arched/waxed and some employee will come to me, gesturing to the chair in the back saying, “eyebrow?” I nod. I go.

I started getting my eyebrows done back in high school. One of my best friend’s mom owned a beauty salon. Not only did we stay getting our hair did, but we were introduced to eyebrow arching. Diane, the mom, waxed on occasion but usually razored our brows. Back then, we used to wear them really thin. Not off and drawn on type thin, but just thinner than I wear ’em now. We all did it. My grandfather thought I was a certified nutjob. “Leave those eyebrows ALONE!” he’d scold. He told me it looked silly and that men don’t like women with those skinny old eyebrows. My grandpa’s barometer for what men liked was based on what HE liked. I, however, wasn’t about to listen to him. He was old! He was my grandpa! My friends and I knew what was hot. We were getting our eyebrows done.

I introduced my best friend in college to eyebrow arching. When done correctly, it’s really a great way to brighten up your face. When done incorrectly, well you better just hope that your brows grow back quickly.

I remember a horror story from high school. A girl came in one day with NO BROWS AT ALL. Apparently, she pissed off her little brother (who are known to have a short fuse) and he shaved off her eyebrows in her sleep. Clearly she was a hard sleeper. Poor thing. Had she been famous, she could have been featured on a site like Hot Chicks With No Eyebrows. Silly. Go there and find women who are almost universally deemed hot and decide if they’re still all that without any eyebrows.

Halle Rosario


So, was grandpa right or wrong?


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3 responses to ““Eyebrow?”

  1. Grandpa is a wise, wise man.
    (I’d still holla @ Browless Rosario, though…)

  2. LOL
    these are some of the most discomfort-inducing pictures ive seen in a looong while

    im obsessed with eyebrows though, but u prolly cant tell it by lookin at my own noodle lately
    ive never had them waxed or anything.. i didnt get into shaping them at all til a couple years ago actually
    when i have them done, i have them threaded, though i dont know how much i like the results.. the lady never gets my arch like i want them and she doesnt listen to me too well
    language barrier i guess

    ANYWAY. i say all this to say that brows are important.
    i have formed many a girlcrush just because a lady has had spectacular eyebrows

    those pics are gonna haunt me yo.

  3. Dear Bourgie,

    We here at http://www.hotchickswithnoeyebrows.com would like to extend a great big thank you for blogging about our (lack of) eyebrows.

    Reading about your eyebrow experiences inspires us to continue our cause – please be reminded to be careful when using blowtorches to remove your eyebrows.

    As a token of our appreciation we would like to feature you on our site as a way of saying thank you. If you are cool with it, please send us photo and we will gladly remove your eyebrows along with a link to your wonderful blog.

    A sincere thank you,

    The Department of Eyebrowless Affairs

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