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Be Bourgie – Support the Arts

What’s bourgier than being a patron of the arts? Well here’s your chance to support a real artist in achieving her dream and moving forward with her career. Check it out…

By Andrea Chung

My name is Andrea Chung and I’m a recent 2008 graduate from the Mt. Royal School of Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. I’ve recently been awarded a 2008-2009 Fulbright Scholarship to do research in Port Louis, Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean. Although the Fulbright gives a stipend that covers the cost of living for myself as well as my husband, they do not cover his airfare, which is currently nearing $4,000 roundtrip. Our date of departure is February 2009 and we will be in Mauritius for 10 months.

I will be raffling off some of my artwork in hopes of raising the $4,000 so that my husband can join me in Mauritius. We would appreciate any and all donations.

… By donating you are automatically a part of the raffle. I will raffle off 5 pieces of artwork on August 1, 2008. Each entry is $10. If you donate $50 your name will be entered into the raffle 5 times. All winners (as well as all those who’ve donated) will be notified via e-mail on August 5, 2008. (this site only let’s me do 25 days at a time but I know that realistically it will take longer than 25 days to raise $4,000)

ARTWORK: You can also see my artwork at www.suite17d.com


Please support people…post it on your blogs and everywhere

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