She’s Your Queeeeeeeen to be…


I’ve been slack on my Miss Rap Supreme posts. Things have gotten busy. That doesn’t mean I stopped watching, though.

Rece Steele won the whole shebang. I’m not mad at that. In her final performances she remedied a lot of the problems she exhibited during the season, mainly with her showmanship. For the finale, she got up there and finally LOOKED UP and out into the crowd! She worked the stage, albeit pretty wildly, and spit hot fiya © Dylan. Still, Rece leaves something to be desired with her choice of clothing. She suffers from that disease that plagues hood chicks all over the country… wearing shit that is too small. This disease effects your rational center of your brain and contributes to body dysmorphia (seeing your body one way when it’s totally another way). As a result, chicks be walking around in tube tops looking like meatloaf in a blanket. But, I digress.

We’ll see if ANYTHING actually comes of this. I mean, reality shows are great for us viewers who love the drama of the house, the crazy challenges and the reunion shows. Things don’t always turn out so well for the “winners” of these shows. Enjoy it now, Rece. BX!!!

If nothing else, we got to see Yo-Yo (Yolanda Whitaker aka “the brand new intelligent black lady) again. She looks pretty good nowadays and though she was an aight “rapper” back in the day, let’s hope she keeps it like that… back in the day.

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  1. Byatta had no business lasting as long as she did. Rece, Cherry & Chiba should have been the final 3. None of them were all that good, but I thought Chiba was the best whether she was writing her shit or not.

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