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lil man dressed as leprechaun

When Little People take roles on television, in commercials or in movies that make fun of Little People, are they cooning? Would other Little people call them sellouts? If a black person gets on tv shucking and jiving and being all extra, negroes are quick to say he’s cooning. I just wonder if Little People go through the same thing. Granted, there aren’t that many roles available to them. I haven’t seen a midget in a romantic lead in the last, um, oh lifetime.

I tried a new ice cream flavor, Cake Batter by Ben and Jerry’s. It’s got a cake flavored ice cream with a chocolate swirl (ya know, like frosting). I usually don’t depart from my B&J regulars, Cherry Garcia and Mint Choc Chunk. But this shit was on sale and I haven’t eaten ice cream in months (not counting Rita’s Water Ice). I’ve been into cake flavored ice cream because it freaks out my mind. Birthday Cake Water Ice at Rita’s. Cake Batter ice cream at Cold Stone. My rating… eh. I should just stick with my ice cream faves.

What did you pack?Did you ever notice that people in movies and television, when leaving ANYwhere for ANY period of time ranging from one day to forever, only pack one bag? I’m not talking one of those huge roller bags. I mean a little old-school suitcase! What could you fit in there? A couple of changes of underwear and your toothbrush? Are you going to send for your things? I feel like the directors and prop people are insulting my intelligence when they do that. Continue reading

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Verizon Blows

EDIT: My jawn is back on. Verizon still blows, but I’ll say they blow bubbles today. Bubbles are nice.


Temporary technical difficulties, folks.

I need to call Verizon and see why my DSL light keeps blinking at home. I’ll be out of the office for the remainder of the day, so no good opportunity to post from work. I bet THEY don’t have Verizon. Ugh. Of course it takes the customer service rep (stationed somewhere like Sri Lanka) to walk me through the steps I’ve already done a million times (unplug modem, switch jacks, etc). I hate them. Internet should just be, ya know… in the air. (I know it kind of is in the air, but you get what I’m trying to say).

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