i can has mayonaze?

Bonafide Hearsay is right, Lolwhitepeoplez has serious potential to toss those (oh so funny and cute) Lolcats. Still, better not encourage it too much. Because as soon as Lolblacks comes out with someone scrawling “I can has chikin” on a pic of one of the Obama children, I’m going to start the race war. It won’t be televised, but I’ll blog about it. Now that I think of it, a site like that probably already exists. :(


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2 responses to “i can has mayonaze?

  1. The day has come and gone, look forward to your race war blog.


    Still just as offensive as toast…so it says. I like toast.

  2. bubblin' brown shuga


    i aint even gonna lie that was funny.

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