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Father’s Day… an afterthought

This is the text of the card I sent to my father for Father’s Day:

[Outside] Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

From your loving, talented, charming, devoted, unselfish, hardworking, smart, clever, ingenious, loyal, honest, admirable child…

[Inside] Who is so much like you!

I had a really hard time picking out a card for him. It was easy and fun to buy cards for my grandpa, my sister’s dad and my two uncles. Buying a card for MY OWN father was a bit awkward, though. I cannot remember the last time I bought my father a card for any holiday, particularly Father’s Day. I don’t know if I ever have. I don’t know if I have haver even said “Happy Father’s Day,” to him. I think that when I was younger, he just wasn’t around enough for it to matter. As I got older, he was pretty absent altogether so it didn’t factor in. I focused my Father’s Day attention on my grandfather who has always been the primary male figure in my life and that was fine. Continue reading


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In honor of Father’s day, I present DILFs.

– The Short List –

The Fresh Dad
Will Smith

What's Cookin?
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Are you gonna go my way?
Lenny Kravitz

Leading Man
Denzel Washington

Ladies Love
LL Cool J

Run it back
Eddie George

Andre “3000” Benjamin

In living color
Marlon Wayans

Austrian/Black hot
Boris Kodjoe

The light

Commander in Chief!
No disrespect to my girl ‘Chelle, Ok. I couldn’t resist! LOL!!!


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