In honor of Father’s day, I present DILFs.

– The Short List –

The Fresh Dad
Will Smith

What's Cookin?
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Are you gonna go my way?
Lenny Kravitz

Leading Man
Denzel Washington

Ladies Love
LL Cool J

Run it back
Eddie George

Andre “3000” Benjamin

In living color
Marlon Wayans

Austrian/Black hot
Boris Kodjoe

The light

Commander in Chief!
No disrespect to my girl ‘Chelle, Ok. I couldn’t resist! LOL!!!


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4 responses to “DILFs

  1. Rachel

    I truly believe that LL Cool J is the reason why this term DILF even exists, so my question is…Why the HELL isn’t there a topless picture of him?!?!!?

  2. ndenise

    You know what. I will remedy that. Somehow, I will fix that for you.

  3. D@aaamn @ boris and denzel

    And look @ obama sexi @ss lol

    I didn’t know Marlon was a daddy

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