“Twitch” (SYTYCD)

I need a HUMONGOUS suitcase right now! I’m going straight to the SYTYCD set to kidnap Twitch (aka Stephen Boss), one of my favorite dancers on one of my fave reality competitions shows – So You Think You Can Dance. Twitch Boss

He seems like a genuinely nice guy. Just fun, polite, humble and sweet. Let me pinch his cheeks! Great dancer too. He should do well on the show because of his likeable personality, the fact that he didn’t make it on last year (coming in behind Hok who was also amazing) and his ability to adapt to dance styles totally out of his comfort zone (hip-hop). 

Boy got abs too. 

Check out Twitch and Kherington doing the Viennese Waltz from Wednesday’s episode:

[redlasso id=”1f935ab0-ebea-43e5-b4b4-b7bb5b1c6002″]


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One response to ““Twitch” (SYTYCD)

  1. Twitch is training in a shirt that was created by last years SYTYCD finalist – Kameron Bink. It is part of Kam’s signature line created for him by Sugar and Bruno High Fashion Dancewear.

    From one great dancer to the next. Way to go Twitch!!!

    Everyone at Sugar and Bruno is cheering for you!

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