Play my funk

So I stumbled upon this vid/song again after who knows how many years, right. I had to click on it because I remember it being a good song, but I couldn’t really recall how it went. It’s from the Sugar Hill Sdtk, by the way.

As soon as the track started I could recall ALL of the words. Yo. This jawn knocked, even though I didn’t ans still don’t know what the hell she was really talking about. I mean WTF? I can’t stop laughing and hitting rewind.

Adapt to my taps, I’m two snaps
I’m too through, ooh, I’m too through
I kicks butt, strut as I gluts for fame
And goes ‘can’t nobody hold me’

Whatever happened to her?

Sidenote:I remember my girl LaQuea used to rock that same synthetic braid bob. I had it once. No I didn’t put cowrie shells in ’em, just those gold cuff-looking things! That’s Quea at the bottom in the hat and purple pants:

Back in the Day

By the way, I’m not in this pic. I’m taking it. Rest assured, however, that I looked as jacked up as the rest of them chicks. Just a comment about this photo… the date looks like 6/5/95. Why the hell are Quea, Carmelita and Nadia dressed like it’s November and Beverlee’s looking all summertime? LMAO!!

Sidenote 2: Simple E. I’m not a fan of using the word simple to describe yourself. I don’t think of simple as in uncomplicated. I think simple as in stupid.


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2 responses to “Play my funk

  1. Simple’ was my shit..she had another song called “blue jeans.” LOL..i hated the braided bob

  2. LOL @ the pic!
    You gotta post up a shot of you during this time frame.

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