I have a confession to make

I ♥ Doug E. Fresh!!!

Get Fresh

I mean, I don’t want to marry the dude or anything. All I know is that I have never been to a party or show where Doug E. was performing, hosting or DJ’ing that wasn’t the BEST time. He really is the world’s greatest entertainer! Florida, NC, PA, NY. I’ve seen Doug E. in a lot of different places and no matter what, I’m always up front. Yo, I even had a drank with the man. JACK DANIELS!! Ahhhh. LOL.

I’m pretty sure that one day I’m going to organize some kind of event, maybe even my wedding, and I will have Doug. E. there. If I die, somebody out there better call that man. I want him beatboxing all around my casket. As they lower me into the ground, all of you black-clad mourners better be ready for the call and response: Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yooooooooooo


Like really, who is better?

From old-school Doug E. (with the Get Fresh Crew) – All the Way to Heaven – to one of my jams (cuz instead of that chicken McNugget a woman needs a value pack):

Even with this 90s joint….(This jawn is hilarious just because Doug E. is jammin with the no shirt on! LOL. Family, you’re a great entertainer, but H-Town you are not):

So yeah. Clown if you want. But if we happen to out and about and some Doug E. Fresh comes on, don’t expect me to hold up the wall with you, loser.


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2 responses to “I have a confession to make

  1. Doug gets mad respect from me.
    This is a dude who gave you nothing but party jawns and positive messages in his music.

    You can’t say a bad thing about dude.

  2. Eb

    Never clown… I love him too!

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