Fatman Scoop – “Be Faithful”

So, this IS the club song. It was made for people to get on the dancefloor and put their hands in the air. I can’t even count the times I’ve heard this while out. A 90s jam, this joint still plays in clubs and at parties all over the world.

Yes, the word. The jawn was a #1 UK hit and has a video (that I’m just learning about).

At first I thought it was a silly lil’ video and was watching while reminiscing about good times dancing to the song. Then came the WTF moment at 1:30. Really, WTF? I thought it was weird enough to show homegirl like that on the pole (0:48), but damn. And the end? Am I being like, extra sensitive and weirded out or was that video truly ODD?

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One response to “Fatman Scoop – “Be Faithful”

  1. Holly GoLightly

    I’m sorry Bourgie but you are being wayyyyy to kind with describing this as ODD…. It is more like INSANE & SCARY! Needless to say, I dont know if I’ll ever view this in the same light when it comes on in the club….

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