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Sarah Ralston – RW20 Rant #4,328

This chick is the WORST person on television right now. She is the epitome of holier-than-thou hater.

Sarah Ralston

If you don’t already know, meet Sarah Ralston. A 21 yo from Tempe, Arizona and professional asshole.
If she wasn’t bitchy to everyone, I’d think she had a thing against Black men (Greg and Nick). She looks at Nick in her drunken stupor (see below) and yells “Who do you think you are? Charles Barkely?!” Umm… stfu. But then again, she tried to make out with Will when they first got in the house, so nevermind on that point. Anyway, Sarah is the snark ringleader on the show. She usually ropes in siller-than-everyone Kimberly and they both go on their hate rants. Continue reading


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