Sarah Ralston – RW20 Rant #4,328

This chick is the WORST person on television right now. She is the epitome of holier-than-thou hater.

Sarah Ralston

If you don’t already know, meet Sarah Ralston. A 21 yo from Tempe, Arizona and professional asshole.
If she wasn’t bitchy to everyone, I’d think she had a thing against Black men (Greg and Nick). She looks at Nick in her drunken stupor (see below) and yells “Who do you think you are? Charles Barkely?!” Umm… stfu. But then again, she tried to make out with Will when they first got in the house, so nevermind on that point. Anyway, Sarah is the snark ringleader on the show. She usually ropes in siller-than-everyone Kimberly and they both go on their hate rants.

How are Sarah and Kim going to be all heated with Nick because he comes in late with a guest? I mean, I would understand if that was your general policy. But can we flashback to the episode where Sarah was asleep and Kim was in the hot tub sticking her tongue down all of her roommates’ throats? Why wasn’t Kim advocating the whisper in the house policy then? They even ran into Sarah’s room and woke her up! No hissy fit then. She’s so picky and choosy.

Then don’t even get me started about how she calls up her Bible-thumping parents any time she is upset with someone in the house. She called them when she was judging Brianna’s stripping career. She called them when Greg hid her panties. When Nick took pics of her drunk. For you, Sarah

Let’s be real, yall… how many of you have pictures on your MySpace/Facebook/Camera phone/hard drive of one of your friends being totally wasted? I’m going to bet there’s a lot. I suspect that she recognized her hypocrisy: can’t pretend to be better than everyone and super Christian when you’re trying to screw the cute Black guy in the house and getting knock-down drunk. No, literally falling down and vomiting in the streets. Oh Sarah, you’re such a role model! How funny when she begs Kim to drag her over to the phone so she can drunk dial her pussy boyfriend Ryan. Man, that guy is a pushover. She calls him at God knows what hour in the AM, crying in the fetal position because she had one too many SoCo & Lime shots. That fool is on the line all, “you’re the most beautiful girl in the worrrrrrld.” Kill me know.

To top it off, she’s jealous because she majored in broadcast journalism but sucks at broadcast journalism. Damn. That IS a let down. After getting to do interviews for, both Kim and Nick outshone Sarah. Big ups to the cameraman for cutting to Sarah’s face at that point. She looked like Rhianna when Ciara was dropping it on Chris Brown at the BET Awards ’08! After she failed there, she decided that was wack. She’s used to doing “real journalism”. How convenient.

So Sarah, please take the stick out of your ass.



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10 responses to “Sarah Ralston – RW20 Rant #4,328

  1. tia

    omg when the camera cut to her face during the interviews i was literally pointing and laughing. like what is really her damage?

  2. Nadia

    I just wanted to thank you for posting this. You say every thing I think out loud for me, and when i do say I get a kick out of knowing that even when EVERY ONE disagrees I know one person is on the same page as me.
    Thanks a Bunch
    Nadia Raja

  3. Her voice is officially like nails on a chalk board to me. In retrospect, there are no personalities on this season that I can say that I like. There isn’t one person that I’d want to hang out with.

    My all time favorite Real Worlder: Ruthie Hawaii. Coral is a close second…”I don’t wrestle, I beat b*tches.” That’s some Chuck Norris type ish right there!

  4. she sucks ass.

    (i’ll admit, though, i didn’t watch the last episode because i suffer from emetophobia.)

  5. ndenise

    You know I had to look “emetophobia” up.
    Fear of vomitting. Ew.

  6. Ashley

    Anybody think we are being just a bit harsh on these people…they try to make them seem worse than they actually are in order to create drama.

    All I’m saying is this post is just as judgmental as you are claiming she is. Perhaps everyone can learn to be a little less judgmental–especially when made for TV “reality” that seeks to humiliate these people.

  7. jrod

    Ashley- you beat me to it.

    I have to say this post (and many of the users’ comments) comes off super-judgmental. It wouldn’t be so ironic, if you weren’t calling Sarah out on being judgmental. So I guess the “#1 Hypocrite button” is reserved for your lapel, Bourgie.

    Seriously, sit back and enjoy the show. By the way, you do realize it is a SHOW with a whole bunch of writers who sit down and figure which scenes to weave together into a story?

    Incidentally, I do admire everyone’s passion in their comments. Maybe we can direct it towards a more pressing issue: like figuring out how to help the troops who are returning from Iraq, or maybe helping out the victims of Katrina who still require our help.

  8. ndenise

    the hypocrite tag is appropriate for Sarah because she makes such a big deal out of being raised right and being a Christian. Her behavior indicates otherwise. I write a blog. I don’t make any representations about being “above it all” to call someone out. That could make me funny or a jerk, depending on how you take it, but a hypocrite, not on her level.

    Sure, there are writers for reality shows. But they don’t use CGI to add scenes that aren’t there. They edit, but they use what they’re given. The real world has been on for more than a decade. People know what they’re in for, including public scrutiny. Hopefully they just don’t care. Ashley said reality TV seeks to humiliate people. If that’s the case, what do you say to those who jump through hoops for the opportunity to be publicly humiliated?

    I wonder, jrod, how you so easily come to the assumption that I or others who comment don’t already direct a considerable amount of attention to “pressing issues”. Perhaps we need outlets to just veg out and be silly… even judgmental.

  9. Nadia

    first off let me start by saying everyones going to have there opinion on any of the cast members. but to seriously start blog daily about someone. common get a fucking life. dont judge someone without taking a walk in there on shoes. people are grown up all around the world to live up to different expectations. if that is the way she thinks let her do it.

  10. ndenise

    If where you’re from daily = once, I’m inclined to say you’re right.
    And if you’re advocating allowing folks to have their own opinion (“if that is the way she thinks, let her do it”), well I assume the ‘free speech includes shitty speech’ stance applies to this blog too. The SCOTUS would agree as well.

    So, B+ comment (would’ve been an A save the spelling/grammar errors) !!

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