“Nika” – [Destination Brooklyn-’94]

I had this on cassette. I wore it out.

Lil’ Vicious THEN and “Don Vicious” NOW . Oh, how I miss 1994.


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5 responses to ““Nika” – [Destination Brooklyn-’94]

  1. Has his voice changed any?
    I saw him performing with Shyheim at a RZA show back in 99.
    He was on that teenage breaky voice steeze… LOL

  2. Polo Bear

    The Peppa Seed dance was the shit….not! Damn Jamaicans they cocme up with the silliest dances.

  3. ndenise

    Oh yeah? What kinds of dances are they doin in Haiti, Mr. Polobear?

  4. Polo Bear

    Theee absolute Kewlest dances of course :)

  5. General

    This tune was banging back in the day.

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