Blue Magic

No, not this:


Yep, good old Blue Magic Conditioner … Hair Dress (wtf is the “…” for?). I visited home this past weekend and saw a big jar of Blue Magic chilling on the sink at my aunt’s crib. Man, I can’t tell you the last time I felt the need to grease my scalp, particularly with something so thick and heavy! Growing up, however, this stuff was a staple in our house. Pretty much in every home I visited in my neighborhood, someone had a jar of Blue Magic in its blue or oddly-named green version. The ingredients in Blue Magic are: Petrolatum , Lanolin , Lecithin , Mineral Oil , Fragrance , and some blue stuff (Green 6 , Violet 2).


Nowadays, I don’t put much of anything in my hair after I leave the salon. When I wear a natural style, I use Aveda products or some local stuff like Buttershine from Salon E’tae.


By the way, if you’re in Philly I suggest you stop by for some of the products. They used to have a salon, but if you call, they can tell you the other salons in the area who are E’tae Concept Salons, meaning they use the E’tae method and products. If you’re outside of Philly, just order the stuff. I promise it’s GREAT!



Still, I couldn’t help but open the jar and take a whiff of that good old, familiar Blue Magic smell. Ahhhhh. Memories.


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5 responses to “Blue Magic

  1. lol @ the ellipses.

    i want some e’tae stuff!!
    i tried a twist set last night and came in late to the office today because i had to straighten the shit before i left.. i dunno what went wrong (actually i do think i know) but so far this natural stuff is more trouble than a perm

    so this e’tae stuff sounds good. which do u recommend?

  2. ndenise

    The Carmel is good. Really softens the hair. It’s kind of messy though.
    I love the Buttershine. I use it when my hair is natural, but also every now and then when it’s straightened. I let Rachel use some and she liked it too.

  3. Rachel

    Yo ultra sheen was the truth!! I used to lather my head up with that stuff everyday…and don’t tell me I didn’t look FLYY!

  4. lol @ ultra sheen

    i found a bottle of spritz in my bathroom the other day. SPRITZ. talk about a walk down memory lane. before i washed my hair i took it and plastered my bangs down in a good ol middle school swoop for kicks.. i really shlda taken a picture

    im never doing that again btw. lol

  5. Kei

    Wow! The good old days! I definitely remember my grandmother using “Blue Magic” hair cream on my hair. It added a lot of sheen and helped with the ponytails for sure. Thank you for sharing this…it took me back.


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