This is for “the Arruh”

No, I’m not talking about R. Kelly. I mean my girl who was miffed I didn’t put a shirtless pic of LL up in my Father’s Day DILF post.

So here you go, girl. Don’t say I never did anything for ya!

LL Cool J

Yo, you mean to tell me this man was born in 1968? I mean, that’s not OLD, but DAMN… He looks better than ever (see).

I think I lost ¾ of my male readers.

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One response to “This is for “the Arruh”

  1. Rachel

    Lookin at the pic really just makes me appreciate men so much more…because they have to live in a world with a man that looks soo ridiculously good…but they don’t let it get them down…they continue to wake up everyday…go to work…and drink beer after beer knowing it will never happen for them.

    Also, I start singing that song by Natasha Bedingfield “I wanna have your babies!!”

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