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Is technology ruining dating?


What I mean is, are we too accessible nowadays? Used to be that we could only get in touch with that guy or gal by picking up the phone or meeting up. That way, the rest of your day was boo-free and full of work, spending time with friends or just spending time with yourself (a highly underrated activity).

But today…? Man, forget about it. There’s text messaging, email, and instant messaging. Oh, and don’t forget about MySpace, Facebook, Linked In, whatever. Blogs, Flickr accounts, Google! We are more accessible now than ever and it could be screwing up how we date.

Is it permissible to IM him/her just because you see that they’re online? What if you’ve already talked to her the night before, commented on her Facebook profile that morning, replied to an email and sent a “good morning boo” text? How much contact is too much?

And it’s too easy to fall into the techno-trap. We’re all out there, aren’t we? I’m totally plugged in to the matrix. I’d mostly rather text you than talk to you. I have email and AIM on my phone, which practically stays ON. Sometimes I forget that even though I’m logged on nearly 24hours, everyone isn’t. Shoot, even if they are, I KNOW it doesn’t mean that they’re available to me.

They (whoever they are) say absence makes the heart grow fonder. They (damn, there they go again) say that when dating, it’s good to let him/her miss you a little bit. Everyone likes a little chase, right? Is technology cutting out the chase?

Or is the technology helping? Perhaps texting and instant messaging allows us to send short messages throughout the day without an interrupting phone call (which is probably full of empty chit chat anyway). Then there’s the whole exciting world of the naughty text, which could only be a GOOD thing, right? The technology of today has expanded the dating pool. Now instead of relying on the clubs in your neighborhood or your friends to set you up, you can meet a guy/gal in another state or country.

Drunken Regret

Wait… scratch everything I just said about the positives of technology and dating. I just remembered one thing: The DRUNK TEXT. The drunk text has singlehandedly convinced me that technology is bad for dating. I, myself, have been a casualty of eight too many drunk texts (and emails as of late). Nothing like texting some dumb shit you can’t take back after a night of dirty martinis to make you consider logging off for good.

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