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Bourgie Adventure: Hip-hop show

Last night I went to a hip hop show in NYC to see Che Grand, Blu + Exile, and Wale. This was by no means my first show of this kind, still, they always make me laugh.

First of all, boo to WHOMEVER was responsible for jacking up the sound so that Che couldn’t perform. There’s nothing more annoying than paying money to see a certain act and getting stiffed. Big ups to the dude from London who kicked the beat box and allowed Che to get off a few rhymes.

Secondly, I have no idea why men are so hostile to women at hip hop shows. You’d think they’d rather be in their all by themselves, sausage partied up. As far as I can tell, they assume you’re some kind of groupie rather than a fan. Especially someone like myself. I think it’s because I don’t go dressed in big jeans, nondescript t-shirt and dunks. I tend to wear low-heeled boots (in the winter) or open-toe flats (summer), skinny jeans and a snarky fitted tee. LOL. Just typing that made me laugh. My point is that if you’re not trying to look like a boy, then chances are the dudes there are going to resent your presence. I got a couple of sideways looks last night. Lames. I was downstairs at one point, where they let the performers and their folks congregate I guess, and some chick asked me if I was part of Wale’s “entourage”. Um, no. “I’m not a groupie, I’m a fan.” She says, “Oh, ok, well you didn’t look like it, just asking.” Me: Stale Face. She was a nutjob anyway. She was up in there in a tie-dye sundress and a wooden parasol!

Oh, and someone please tell these fools that rolling around with a luggage rack on your back is sooooo 1994. This one nigga dressed like it was 30 below outside had the nerve to stand in a packed crowd with a huge backpack on. I thought he couldn’t get anymore annoying until her started rapping. DUDE. Nobody came to hear YOU spit, okay.

On a positive note, I got to take a picture with Kwame‘. See, this is important because I collect rappers. Some people collect coins. Others collect angel figurines. I collect pictures with old school rappers. The Kwame shot is the latest and lives among the likes of Biz Markie, Melle Mel, Craig Mack and Chris “Play” Martin. I can’t find my Doug E Fresh though :(

The show itself was pretty decent. Blu was worth my entire $15 and at least one beer (Boo to SOBs for charging 7 bucks for a beer). I mainly went to see Wale, but was sorta disappointed. Let’s just say the performance was bittersweet. Plus: Wale performed with UCB, a go-go band. I’ve loved go-go ever since I went to college in ’99. Always a great time when a go-go band is around, I kept wanting to dance it out, but the crowd wasn’t the type to lift their leg up and put their booties on the floor. Minus: Wale didn’t do many songs, he really just let the band go off. And the songs he did do, well you could hardly hear what he was saying. I’ll stick to Wale via my iPod from now on, but will make it a priority to hit up a Blu & Exile show whenever possible.

Click for a vid of Che x Blu


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Janelle v. Will – RW20 Reunion

Ok, I’m just going to weigh in on this a little bit. The reunion show altogether sucked, in my opinion. I liked how they addressed all the backbiting and side talk perpetrated by Sarah (and Kim) against the rest of the roommates. The confrontation between Janelle and Will, though, fabulous. Why? Mainly because it lends support to my theory that Will is a lame ass loser.

I think he handled that situation terribly. Oh, and for Dave to get up and tell Janelle that she knew what she was getting into, as if that excuses any of Will’s behavior, was ridiculous. Mind your business little man and sit down.

Even though I thought that Janelle never really liked Will all that much to begin with, she was right for calling him out on the reunion. He was being shady and wrong with that whole “fake tears” bullshit. Then to have a FOURsome in Mexico and shrug it off is mad disrespectful. His excuse: “oh we were broken up.” Well Will, you were broken up because YOU kissed your roommate. You were in the wrong in the beginning. YOUR actions caused your girlfriend to (rightfully) be pissed at you. So you don’t compound the problem by sleeping with strangers in another country!

His behavior on the show was totally childish. While Janelle is being serious and airing out her feelings about the whole thing, Will makes funny faces. Real cool, man.

To top it off, his face got fat and he’s less hot. Double L.


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