Janelle v. Will – RW20 Reunion

Ok, I’m just going to weigh in on this a little bit. The reunion show altogether sucked, in my opinion. I liked how they addressed all the backbiting and side talk perpetrated by Sarah (and Kim) against the rest of the roommates. The confrontation between Janelle and Will, though, fabulous. Why? Mainly because it lends support to my theory that Will is a lame ass loser.

I think he handled that situation terribly. Oh, and for Dave to get up and tell Janelle that she knew what she was getting into, as if that excuses any of Will’s behavior, was ridiculous. Mind your business little man and sit down.

Even though I thought that Janelle never really liked Will all that much to begin with, she was right for calling him out on the reunion. He was being shady and wrong with that whole “fake tears” bullshit. Then to have a FOURsome in Mexico and shrug it off is mad disrespectful. His excuse: “oh we were broken up.” Well Will, you were broken up because YOU kissed your roommate. You were in the wrong in the beginning. YOUR actions caused your girlfriend to (rightfully) be pissed at you. So you don’t compound the problem by sleeping with strangers in another country!

His behavior on the show was totally childish. While Janelle is being serious and airing out her feelings about the whole thing, Will makes funny faces. Real cool, man.

To top it off, his face got fat and he’s less hot. Double L.


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2 responses to “Janelle v. Will – RW20 Reunion

  1. whitraye

    this was one of the best seasons of RR i remember. i agree Will is an idiot..and his face did get fat lol

  2. ndenise

    ok, good, so it wasn’t just me!

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