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Donations! Donations!

Are you all really giving money to these people who ask for donations all in the street? I’m not talking about homeless folks, panhandlers or so-called “bums”. I’m talking about those people who, under the guise of some charitable organization, ask you for your money.

No, scratch that. Their strategy is to GUILT you out of your money. Philadelphia is overrun with these people. You’ve got the environmental folks out there telling you that your grandchildren will have to buy air like bottled water if you don’t cough up five bucks. There are those save the children nuts in the red shirts who ask for your time “just one minute!” and when you try to blow them off they say something like, “oh, don’t you care about starving children?” As if by saying no, you’re admitting to luring children into your gingerbread house and trapping them in your oven. more ranting ahead


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Text msg received this afternoon

Verbatim text convo:

Bourgie’s Gal Pal, 12:33pm: —-‘s teenage nephew was in his daughter’s rm taking a nap while we were out, we did not know this, we just fucked 7 different ways around the lvg room

Bourgie’s Gal Pal, 12:34pm: he calls on the phone from the back like are yall done yet? This man’s whole family will see me naked before we’re married.

Bourgie, 12:35pm: OH MY FUCKING GOD!

Bourgie’s Gal Pal, 12:36pm: I mean we were talking dirty, doing oral, slapping asses, the whole shabang just like regular

HAHAHA! Could you imagine?! I think the funniest part is the end, how she put “just like regular.” She stuntin’?!


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