Text msg received this afternoon

Verbatim text convo:

Bourgie’s Gal Pal, 12:33pm: —-‘s teenage nephew was in his daughter’s rm taking a nap while we were out, we did not know this, we just fucked 7 different ways around the lvg room

Bourgie’s Gal Pal, 12:34pm: he calls on the phone from the back like are yall done yet? This man’s whole family will see me naked before we’re married.

Bourgie, 12:35pm: OH MY FUCKING GOD!

Bourgie’s Gal Pal, 12:36pm: I mean we were talking dirty, doing oral, slapping asses, the whole shabang just like regular

HAHAHA! Could you imagine?! I think the funniest part is the end, how she put “just like regular.” She stuntin’?!


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3 responses to “Text msg received this afternoon

  1. Sounds like a healthy sex life to me.
    Minus the extra people nearby.

  2. Lashawn


  3. trEmaine

    Yeah, um…. lol…

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