On: Glaceau’s Vitamin Energy


Don't Go There

Just about everyday in Center City, Philadelphia, you can find some promo peeps handing out free shit. Today, guys were handing out samples of Vitamin Energy from a branded van.
I grabbed one because it was free and it was there. I don’t really *DO* energy drinks. I figure that I should rest or energize naturally instead of reaching for an artificial boost.

Anyway I take it back to the office and, since I do have to work late today, I decide to try it out. I like Vitamin Water, so this can’t be bad. Plus I like the way Glaceau writes odd things on the can. Example:

“not recommended for children, pregnant women, or people sensitive to caffeine. Recommended for people who have children, those tryinig to get pregnant or people in search of natural energy.”

Well, ok. I guess I fall into the ‘people in search of natural energy’ category. Hmm, how do I tell you what this stuff (the “fruit punch” flavor) tastes like? Imagine waking up next to Barney, the loveable purple dinosaur, and kissing him first thing in the morning, pre-toothpaste, and post-giving a BJ to his boy B.J.
I’m pretty sure that’s 2 levels better than drinking this crap.

I only had two sips before walking to the ladies room and pouring this purple acid down the drain. WTF? I thought purple stuff was supposed to be good?
You know what, I should have been tipped off when I saw that it was purple and labeled “fruit punch”. Everyone knows that fruit punch is supposed to be RED.

Even though it was free, I kinda want my money back…
or at least get an apology for my offended tastebuds. Hmph.


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2 responses to “On: Glaceau’s Vitamin Energy

  1. LOL @ the description.
    Is it like Red Bull -aka- liquified SweetTarts?

  2. ndenise

    Red bull tastes wayyyyyy better.

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