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I do not have any problem whatsoever with homosexuality. Homosexuals do not offend any sense of morality that I have. Any sense of decency. I care about what homosexuals do just as much as I care about what heterosexuals do. I do not ascribe any negativity to someone’s character and/or actions simply because they are homosexual. It simply does not matter to me at all. It would not matter to me if my mother revealed to me that she was a lesbian. It would not matter to me if my son told me he wanted to marry a man. Well, those things would matter, of course, but not because of the homosexual part.

Still, whenever I see a person who appears to fit within the generally accepted homosexual “box” aka, when I see somebody who I think is gay, I MUST say in my head, “gay”. I do not know why. I just do it.

I feel bad about it. Like it somehow negates everything I said in the first paragraph. WHY must I point it out in my own head. To be sure, I don’t go tapping the person I’m with like, “ooh look, he’s gay.” That’s uber lame. I hate when other people do that shit. I just say a quiet “gay” in my head and K.I.M.

What’s that about?


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